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Imagine you are sitting in your room near a cozy fireplace. There is a smooth, velvety carpet underneath your feet. You are having the best time of your life and sipping from a coffee mug. The warmth of the coffee lulls you into a moment of bliss.

Suddenly, the cup slips from your hand, and the coffee spills on your beautiful carpet. Or you forgetfully place your coffee mug on your carpet and it leaves a prominent coffee ring! What a misfortune it is to spoil the moment. The first thing that crosses your mind is how to get the coffee out of your precious carpet?

Coffee stains are ugly and can ruin your luxurious carpet. You can try a plethora of tricks and old-fashioned ways to help you counter the situation. So continue reading to find unique ways to remove coffee stains without a hassle!

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Forward Green Carpet and Tile Cleaning experts deploy eco friendly methods to remove coffee stains or any type of stains from your favorite carpet. Most of the time, people use DIY hacks that spoil the carpet instead of removing the stain.

Our experts are professional cleaners who analyze the carpet’s texture and material and then decide how to remove coffee stains. We proudly promote eco-friendly carpet cleaning services in San Mateo. Our customers are our top priority. We not only provide carpet cleaning services but also Stone Floor Cleaning, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, & Pet Odor Elimination.

You can put your trust in us and follow this guide to remove coffee stains!

Hacks on How to Remove Coffee Stains

Spilled coffee on the carpet is a recipe for disaster. Keep in mind that there are two ways to solve the problem. You can either jump to conclusions without prior knowledge. Or the second advisable solution is to ask an expert in that field.

If you are seeking help In the removal of coffee stains from your exquisite carpet, you are in our safe hands. We are giving you the answer to an ominous problem. So, here are some of the new ways you can use to get coffee out of the carpet.

Removing fresh coffee stains – How to get coffee stains out of the carpet? It is as easy as it can get. To remove fresh coffee stains, you need to blot the coffee quickly. Firstly, you can place a paper or towel on the stain. The reason for doing this is to let the cloth absorb all the possible coffee stains.

If one cloth soaks up, you can place a new one. It is a maverick way to deal with the problem. Secondly, after the absorption, the next phase begins.

According to our cleaning experts, this part is critical. Diluting the coffee stain is vital for its removal. Use cold water and a new piece of cloth. The main aim is to dilute the coffee stain. Dab the cold water on the coffee mark until it gets all wet. The next stage is using an excellent coffee stain remover.

Final Step: Use stain removal liquid and spray it on the coffee stain. After repeating the process, let the carpet dry out. You can use a vacuum cleaner to restore the vibrant texture of your carpet. This is one of the easiest methods to clean carpet stains.

Old coffee stains solution – Now, you must be thinking about the old stains that you forgot to remove. Do not worry as we are getting to that too! Our company’s experts are well aware that old stains are stubborn and difficult to clean. Let us look at the perfect way to get the coffee stains out according to their suggestion.

You need to add moisture to the old stain before beginning the process. Dampen the spot where the spilled coffee is found. Soak a cloth in cold water and dab the coffee stain to remove the loose particles. Continue till you get a clean surface. Sometimes, the coffee stain may give you a hard time but don’t fret and continue reading for more solutions.

  1. Wool carpets: Our responsible cleaners suggest that you use dishwashing detergent. You can use three drops of detergent and mix it with a cup of water. Use a sponge to soak it and scrub the coffee stains with the solution. Let the mixture settle in the carpet and use a new cloth to clean your carpet. Besides, it turns out that not only the old coffee stains clean out, but the carpet looks good as new too.
  2. Non-wool carpets: You can use Ammonia for carpets of any other material. It is the easiest household hack to remove coffee stains from the carpet. In a cup of water, add a tablespoon of ammonia. You need to do a check test on the carpet before applying this coffee stain removal method on the stained area. After that, if you see no damage to the carpet, carry on with this method. Dip a cloth in the solution and dab it on the coffee stain. Take a dry cloth and clean the surface. You need to alternate between the two for the highest output. Dry out the carpet to observe the most significant result of your hard work and find it spotless!

Cream coffee stains – If you love your cream coffee but are afraid of spilling it on your carpet, or already did, do not worry about it either. According to our experts you can use this trick to remove stubborn stain from a cream coffee.

  • First, wet a cloth and dab the coffee stain with it. After you remove the upper surface of the stain, start the next essential stage.
  • Cream contains protein, which you can remove with an off-the shelf enzyme based solution for coffee stain. This formula breaks down the protein globules and removes the stain of coffee. A plus benefit is that it also removes the bad odor that your carpet may have. Spray or apply a protein-based stain removal solution on the carpet. Leave it for some time for it to work.
  • Final result: Clean the coffee stain with a wet cloth. All the coffee stains will vanish from using an advanced coffee stain remover.

Vinegar and dishwashing solution – Modern problems sometimes need unorthodox solutions. Mix a tablespoon of vinegar with the same amount of washing detergent. Add the mixture in lukewarm water and mix it further. You can transfer this home-based coffee stain removal solution in a spray bottle. Apply it on the coffee stains and clean with a wet cloth. Repeat the process for a perfect result.

Use Vacuum – Try this method if the coffee stain is too strong and is not disappearing easily. Put your cleaning solution onto the stain and make sure it covers the entire stained area. Leave it there for a couple of minutes. Don’t forget to saturate the entire area. Set your vacuum on a wet setting and remove all the liquid with it. Keep repeating until the stain is gone.

Lemon juice – There is another remedy for coffee stains that you will love. Nature gives us bleach, the best natural coffee stain removal solution, in the form of lemons. We have tested it, and our experts confirm its authenticity. Lemon juice is a perfect, natural stain remover. When mixed with water, it can remove the most stubborn coffee stains with ease. Squeeze fresh lemon in a cup of water and use a cloth to apply on the coffee stain. You can clean the surface after the application of the mixture to remove any remaining stains.

Alcohol – You can use alcohol on the coffee stains as well. But, working with alcohol is tricky. You need to be careful about which carpet you are applying it to. Clean the coffee stain with a cloth soaked in alcohol. After the stain starts to disappear, use warm water and sponge to clean away the coffee stain.

Bonus tip – After the removal of the coffee stain, your carpet can retain a foul odor. Following are the ways to get the bad odor out of your carpet as well as the coffee stains:

  1. Baking soda in coffee: Baking soda is a perfect remedy to remove lousy odor for your carpet as well as coffee strains. It is so powerful that it is even used in teeth whitening. Clean the coffee stained area of your carpet with detergent first. Then sprinkle the baking soda on that surface. Let it absorb overnight.
  2. Vinegar: Add two drops of vinegar in warm water and clean the carpet having coffee stains. Then rinse it with warm water. Vinegar is the ultimate hack for cleaning purposes. Keep repeating the process until all the stains disappear. But the fun fact is, it also removes any foul odor from your carpet.

Are coffee stains permanent? – Coffee stains may be dark, muddy, and menacing but they are not permanent. But if you don’t have the time or motivation to get coffee stains out of your carpet and upholstery, you can always reach out to us if you are located in the San Mateo area! We are just a call away.

We are a carpet cleaning company providing eco-friendly solutions. Our aim is to support eco-friendly ways of cleaning. We hope our environment-loving solutions keep your space looking new and clean, and the environment harm free! We support the green movement and are striving to make the future sustainable.

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