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Commercial carpet tiling and floor carpeting have become the trending floor décor among the metropolitan skyscrapers and commercially active workstations. While these carpets resonate with your firm’s aesthetics with the sleek textures, they’re prone to all sorts of inevitable degradation. The daily foot traffic, occasional food spills, air-borne pollutants, and countless other everyday activities add to your carpet’s eventual devaluation.

Amidst the daily havoc, your carpet continues to comfort your feet and enhance the overall appeal. All it requires, in return, is regular care and maintenance. Just like a body needs the essentials to survive and prosper, your carpets, which come out as a significant investment, require its fair share of attention. At Forward Green, we take pride in being one of San Mateo’s elite, environment-friendly carpet cleaning service providers.

Since 2008, we’ve worked tirelessly to capitalize on our vision by excelling in our methods, through modern technological tools. Our experts have developed various techniques to ensure your carpet cleaning is done in an environmentally friendly way. Providing excellent customer service is among our core competencies, hence our professional cleaners will guarantee the highest quality. So be sure to give us a call, we’re here to save the day!

We’ve listed some of the significant reasons to tell you why regular commercial carpet cleaning is essential for your firm’s progress and prosperity. In case of any confusion, do not hesitate to talk to our professionals, we’re all ears!

Why Can’t You Avoid Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

Commercial firms are perhaps the busiest place a carpet could reside. While it responsibly fulfills its purpose of providing a convenient walking platform, it becomes the victim of wear and tear. Instead of pushing for prolonged usage without cleaning, it is recommended to schedule regular carpet cleaning. Here are some reasons why:

Diminishing Aesthetics

Carpets fall under the vital workspace essentials, which uplift your firm’s visual appeal. While these commercial carpets range in shapes and sizes, their well-being is of paramount importance. The dull, worn-out, and rough carpet would not put the first impression you were expecting. Instead, it could portray a somewhat negative impact of the company in the minds of potential clients, stakeholders, or business partners.

Don’t worry; your investments won’t drown in vain while we’re here to save the day. By merely scheduling periodic cleaning via our professional carpet cleaning service, your carpet’s aesthetics will be revived in no time.

Hygienic Concerns

With your colleagues, clients, and higher officials roaming around the building, foot traffic is an unavoidable factor. This makes your commercial carpets prone to all sorts of dirt and contaminants being transferred from the individuals’ footwear. Adhesion of these not only ruins the overall appeal of the carpet, but it also makes the environment highly susceptible to bacterial infections. Hence, hygienic standards require commercial carpets to be washed regularly in order to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

To maintain productivity and employee well-being, we recommend you implement necessary preventive maintenance. You can collaborate with professional carpet cleaners who’ll deal with the hassle while you focus on business profitability.

Maintaining Work-friendly Ambiance

A clean and well-maintained carpet is an excellent means of ensuring a positive vibe for all staff members. While it comforts their eyes through the eccentric appeal, the intrinsic sound dampening nature and the insulation it provides make the perfect ambiance to carry out your tasks effectively.

In order to corroborate the solicitous milieu, regular cleaning becomes vital. While the other essential décor of your firm could be cleaned simply by your janitors, carpet washing requires expert cleaners. The stains embedded within the fibers that could range from various sets of fluid are taking care of them is a tricky task. So let us worry about this ordeal while you march forward with your business’s tasks.

Decreasing Carpet Lifespan

Your heavily invested carpets could be worn out sooner than expected unless proper care has been taken. The fibers form an integral part of the carpet structure, capturing the dust and dirt, which could otherwise pollute the indoors. These fibers are inherently prone to damage when the carpet is regularly used. As a result, fiber-breakdown becomes inevitable. As the number of threads decreases, the voids allow more and more storage of dirt and dust, which lowers air quality.

Therefore, it is recommended that commercial carpets are periodically cleaned and washed. The professional cleaners follow a well-defined procedure to eliminate the surface contaminants and to penetrate deeper within the internal linings. This ensures the commercial carpets retain their durability and sturdiness on the inside while providing comfortable walking on the outside.

Ensuring Clean Air Quality

As mentioned above, the negligence of carpet cleaning could hinder its effectiveness and instead become a menace. Since washing a carpet isn’t as quick and straightforward as tile cleaning, a dirty carpet could significantly pollute the atmosphere. Commercial carpet fiber’s surface wear results in higher storage and release of dirt and allergens in the air. This ultimately increases the percentage of sick employees and hinders work efficiency.

While vacuuming could mitigate the presence of surface dirt from your commercial carpet, the job isn’t done yet. As professional cleaners, we know that the bacteria still reside within the fibers, resulting in the odor and allergies. Hence, let us bring your carpet back to life!

How Frequently Do I Get My Commercial Carpets Cleaned?

Before devising a schedule based on your own decision, it is better to link up with a professional to examine a few factors. Since commercial workstations vary in size, the volume of ground space that has been carpeted can vary. Hence the following factors need to be catered before developing a schedule:

  • Workspace scale
  • Carpet dimensions
  • Type of carpet used
  • Nature of business
  • Degree of foot traffic
  • Nature of compatible service

The firm’s personnel should convey these factors to the hired professionals. The bigger the business would be, the larger space would be required, and hence the greater the area must be carpeted. As a result, the duty required would be one requiring a higher workforce as well as machinery.

The nature of service chosen and agreed upon would impact the frequency as well. The higher-end, elite services such as Hot Water Extraction Cleaning, Encapsulation, or Bonnet Cleaning are powerful carpet cleaning techniques. If your business resorts to these, you’d probably work out well for a significant amount of time before the next cleanup is required. Simple washing or vacuuming, however, would require more frequent visits.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean a Commercial Carpet?

The cost of professional service varies depending on the factors mentioned above. The service charges are hence tailored according to your carpet’s specs are the type of office commercial carpet cleaning chosen.

Generally, the average cost varies between $0.25 to $0.3 per square foot. Hence, to estimate the total cost your carpet would incur, simply measure the dimensions and calculate the total area of your carpet. You can then multiply it by the average price per foot. For example, if your carpet area is about 2,000 ft2, you could expect the service charges to fall between $500 to $600. For more extensive setup covering an area greater than 50,000 ft2, the average cost per foot is lower. This motivates larger businesses to benefit from professional cleaning services.

Another factor to keep in mind while estimating the cost would be the condition of your carpet. A commercial carpet stained with difficult to remove fluids or one which has undergone severe wear and tear would require additional efforts to be dealt with. This ultimately escalates the expected cost. However, in the long run, these operational costs would be beneficial for the commercial carpet’s longevity.

In case you’re in an emergency and require immediate servicing, the costs might rise above the regular charges. However, we at Pro-Green would respond to your emergencies and ensure the deadlines are met with the highest quality. For further details, you could always contact us; we’re delighted to tailor our services to suit your needs.

How Professional Carpet Cleaners Clean Carpets?

There are various categories of commercial carpet cleaning services that professional cleaners offer based on the nature of your carpet. Each service is varying in the set of commercial carpet cleaning machines. Here are some of the popular options which generally businesses opt for as their carpet cleaning solution.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

This technique has been one that has revolutionized the carpet cleaning industry due to the effectiveness and time-saving convenience. In this technique, the cleaners add a cleaning powder, which is adhered to the bottom part of the carpet. At Forward Green, we use natural organics, which are biodegradable. Their porosity allows the carpet fibers to open up, and hence the trapped dirt, grime, and dust are absorbed within the voids. These are applied via commercial carpet cleaning machines, such as the counter-rotating brushes. Next, the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed after allowing some time for the powder to absorb all the contaminants. These contaminants are vacuumed up, reviving the carpet and making it look brand new. The difference lies in the type of powder or cleaning sponges used by various professional service providers. These techniques are generally applicable for all sorts of carpets and render fruitful results.

HWE (Hot Water Extraction)

Unlike the Dry Carpet Cleaning method, which utilizes a cleaning powder, this technique uses a pressurized hot water jet to dissolve the contaminants. A common myth is that this technique is often considered to be the same as Steam Carpet Cleaning. However, the difference lies in the water temperature used, with steam cleaning requiring higher temperatures. There are a few noticeable benefits of HWE over Steam Cleaning, such as lower temperatures, making it safe for particular carpets that can’t resist higher temperatures. Also, steam cleaning doesn’t effectively rinse the carpet fibers compared to HWE.

This method essentially blends a combination of high-temperature water and cleaning agents to dissolve and remove the contaminants. This method is recommended to be carried out by professional cleaners. Many domestic attempts by novice individuals have rendered safety hazards as well as ruin carpet fibers.

Bonnet Cleaning

This technique is typically in use for commercial carpet cleaning. It primarily uses low moisture and so, as a result, doesn’t penetrate deep into the layers. It instead works for the surface fibers cleaning. However, it has the advantage of being a quick and convenient technique, especially if your carpet condition is well. After pre-vacuuming the carpet, the cleaning agents, diluted with water, are applied on the carpet. Then a bonnet machine is hovered over the fibers, vacuuming up the dried crystals of the cleaning agent.

Shampoo Cleaning

This is one of the most active commercial carpet cleaning techniques that has gained popularity over the years. It involves the pre-spraying phase, which removes the accumulated dirt, sand, and dust. Then the machined scrubbing and organic shampooing provide excellent on-spot cleaning. Finally, after allowing settling time, the remnants are vacuumed up and removed, giving a brand new look to your carpet.

Schedule your Carpet Cleanup with Forward Green

The techniques mentioned above are no child’s play; they require years of training to deliver perfection. Also, the commercial carpet cleaning machines are heavy duty and need a professional expert to operate effectively.

That is where we come into play!

Our premium services will guarantee an appealing overhauling of your eccentric company at the most reasonable cost. We acknowledge the importance of a neat, clean and cozy ambiance in a corporate environment. Every second counts and we’re here to make every penny of your company worth.

While many others might offer the same services, our core competency revolves around environmental sustainability. As a result, all our methods strictly observe Eco-friendly standards.

So let us worry about the ordeal, our arsenal of cleansing gear is no joke!

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