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Carpet Cleaning In San Carlos, CA

This residential carpet cleaning was for a new customer who found us via Google Local Service Ads in Palo Alto, CA 94070. We used our standard cleaning process for this cleaning:

  1. Commercial Pre-Vacuum
  2. Pre-Treatment
  3. CRB Agitation (Counter-Rotating Brush)
  4. Truck-Mount Steam Extraction
  5. Post-Grooming

We cleaned three bedrooms and one master bedroom of synthetic carpet using our standard cleaning process. This job was an example of a perfect maintenance cleaning; the customer did not wait to see heavy traffic areas to clean their floors. Besides having a professional cleaning every 6-12 months, having a neutral spotter on hand for emergency spills is crucial for avoiding permanent stains.

Services Provided:

Project Location:

Products Used: Procyon
Client Review: I was happy with the quality of work.
Aparna K.

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