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Carpet Cleaning on Marialinda Ct in Hillsborough, CA 94010

This job came to us by way of referral from a local house cleaning company! The house cleaner had mentioned the homeowner was selling the property and wanted a carpet cleaning company that was IICRC certified. Thankfully, we came highly recommended. We carpet cleaned four bedrooms, a long hallway, a set of stairs, and a small bedroom by the pool house. The condition of the carpet was decent, with the exception of spots in the hallway area and built up the soil on the bull-nose of the stairs. The job itself didn’t take very long due to the areas being open with very minimal furniture to work around, plus we always work as a 2-person team, making things much easier. Overall this was a great job! Thank you for the referral, Noe!

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Products Used: Prochem Solution

Client Review: 5-Stars – Esthella A.

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