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Residential Carpet and Tile Cleaning on Palm Drive in Burlingame, CA

This customer originally called us to provide an estimate for their tile floors and 1 rug. We gave a small sample to give an idea of what the end result could look like and we ended up doing the tile cleaning job! The tile itself hadn’t been cleaned in nearly a decade so we used our deep cleaning process to give the best result possible. We cleaned a total of 1 tiled kitchen, 1 tiled dining room, 1 tiled bathroom, and 1 synthetic rug. We first cleaned the grout lines with our CRB followed by a rotary clean for the surface of the tile. Once the extraction portion was complete there was a very noticeable difference in the color of the grout. We then sealed all of the grout using our Stone Pro sealer to ensure no future soil gets embedded in the grout. The rug was in good condition so our standard cleaning process was more than sufficient. All in all this was a great job! Thank you, Tania!

Products Used: Procyon & Stone Pro

Client Review: 5 Stars. – Deanna V.

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