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Commercial Carpet and Tile Cleaning in South San Francisco, CA 94080

This job came to us by way of referral from a couple of dental offices we serviced. We had planned to do this job a couple of months ago but had to postpone due to the COVID-19 situation. At this time we are only servicing vacant units and doing our best to abide by social distancing protocols.

On the 1st and 2nd level, we carpet cleaned along with a set of stairs using our low moisture cleaning system. We also cleaned and sealed the tile in the entrance on the inside/outside of an elevator using our truck-mounted steam cleaning system. The results were great!

We used Procyon carpet cleaner and Stone Pro’s tile cleaner and sealer for this job. At this time we currently scheduled this complex to be on a 3-time per year maintenance cleaning.

Products Used: Stone Pro/Procyon

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