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Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning – Dental Office – South San Francisco, 94080

This is a new client of ours referred by a local company. This particular dental office had another company cleaning their carpets but weren’t satisfied due to the low quality of work. Due to the location of this dental office, steam cleaning was not an option, the only option was to perform a low moisture carpet cleaning. We actually ran into issues with this particular carpet due to leftover residue in the carpets from the previous cleaner but nonetheless, we got the job done. After the work was complete the maintenance crew came in to take a look and were blown away at the results. Unfortunately, we did not take before pictures but it was a night and day difference. We also cleaned another dental office just down the hall immediately after this one. The results were just as great!

Over this past weekend, we cleaned all of the carpet and tile in this exact complex in South San Francisco, 94080. We used our low moisture carpet cleaning system to clean the carpets and we used our steam cleaning system to clean the tile followed by an application of sealer.

We used Padcap Pro to clean the carpets and Stone Pro to clean and seal the tile. In our experience over the years, these are the absolute best solutions we have found.

Products Used: Padcap Pro/Stone Pro

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