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Residential Carpet Cleaning in Hillsborough, CA 94010

This residential carpet cleaning is for a new customer in Hillsborough, CA 94010 who found us via Nextdoor. We cleaned one bedroom using our standard cleaning method:

  1. Commercial Pre-Vacuum
  2. Pre-Treatment
  3. CRB Agitation (Counter Rotating Brush Machine)
  4. Truck-Mount Steam Extraction
  5. Post-Grooming

This carpet was overall in decent condition, there was a moderate traffic area at the entrance of the bedroom which we paid much attention to. We pre-treated this traffic lane with our neutral green spotter and agitated the traffic lane with our CRB machine. It cleaned up well but it did “wick-back”, meaning the residue from a spotter used in the past rose from the padding up to the surface of the carpet as the carpet dried. We came back and treated this area with a browning treatment and used our low moisture bonnet machine to remove the wick-back. The carpet looks great! Thank you, Vanessa!

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