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Residential Carpet Cleaning in Palo Alto, CA 94301

This residential carpet cleaning was for a new customer who found us via Google Local Service Ads in Palo Alto, CA 94301. We used our standard cleaning process for this cleaning:

  • 1. Commercial Pre-Vacuum
  • 2. Pre-Treatment
  • 3. CRB Agitation (Counter-Rotating Brush)
  • 4. Truck-Mount Steam Extraction
  • 5. Post-Grooming

This synthetic carpet was in very decent condition; I believe there was only a couple of spots by the hallway that came right out. We cleaned two bedrooms, one hallway, and one set of stairs. The carpet cleaned up very well! This job is an excellent example of a maintenance cleaning; you do not want to wait until you see heavy traffic areas, multiple spots/stains before cleaning your carpet. This maintenance cleaning is the best way to ensure your carpet stays in the best condition possible for years to come!

Products Used: Procyon

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