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Residential Carpet Cleaning in Palo Alto, CA 94306

This is a move-out carpet cleaning for a new customer who found us via Google! We cleaned a room, hallway, and a set of stairs using our standard cleaning procedure:

  • Commercial Pre-Vacuum
  • Pre-Treatment
  • CRB Agitation (Counter-Rotating Brush)
  • Truck-Mount Extraction
  • Post-Grooming

This carpet is a wool blend, therefore we used a wool-specific pre-treatment as well as using much softer brushes to agitate the carpet fibers. Wool is a natural fiber and an extremely delicate fiber to clean, it’s important to only use wool specific solutions/pre-treatment/spotters to safely clean and reduce the risk of damaging the carpet fiber. The difference in color was amazing, overall this carpet cleaned up very well! Thank you, Vicky!

Products Used: Rug Smack

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