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Residential Carpet Cleaning on Coventry Court in San Carlos, CA

I believe this customer had found us through a google search or yelp. She mentioned she wanted to freshen up the all of the carpet after having family over for thanksgiving. All in all we cleaned multiple rooms, a set of stairs and 1 wool rug. The carpet was in very good condition, no traffic lanes, no spots, very minimal staining. We used our standard cleaning process for this cleaning as it was more than sufficient; pre-vacuum, pre-treatment, CRB agitation (counter-rotating brush), truck-mount extraction, post-groom. The carpet cleaning went well and we left with a very satisfied customer! Thank you!

Products Used: Procyon

Client Review: The carpets look amazing. The company is wonderful, very communicative in letting me know what time they’ll be there and I highly recommend Pro Green Carpet And Tile Cleaning. 5 Stars – Linda P

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