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Carpet and Tile Cleaning on 3rd Avenue in San Mateo, CA

This is a carpet and tile cleaning for a new customer who found us via google! We initially provided an estimate to gauge the scope of work, we ended up cleaning tile flooring and a few rooms of carpet. We followed our standard cleaning procedure for the tile:

  • Protect Appliances
  • Pre-Treatment
  • CRB Agitation (Counter-Rotating Brush)
  • Truck-Mount Steam Extraction
  • Dry & Seal Grout

The tile came out amazing! The difference in color was night and day. We also cleaned 3 rooms of carpet (not pictured) using our deep cleaning procedure. The carpet lightened up very well and we also left commercial fans to ensure the carpet dried in an appropriate amount of time. Thank you, Michael!

Products Used: Stone Pro & Procyon

Client Review: What can I say? They came, they saw, and they conquered! Juan and his son, Juan Carlos, came by last week. They measured, examined, and tested. Then provided a quote later that night. We scheduled the work for this afternoon. They arrived and performed as promised. In fact, they exceeded my expectations. The carpets look great and the tile is outstanding. Juan and Juan Carlos – the dynamic duo! – Michael R.

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