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Residential Tile Cleaning in San Mateo, CA

This job came to us by way of Yelp. This customer had found our Yelp page, did their research, and decided to give us a call. The house was getting ready to be put on the market and the tile was in great need of a cleaning. We steam cleaned the tile in the entry way, living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway, and 2 bathrooms. As soon as the cleaning process commenced we noticed a substantial difference in color and reflection. The grout looks amazing and the tile itself cleaned up very well. It is extremely important to follow proper cleaning guidelines, especially when it comes to surfaces in need of a deep cleaning. We made sure to allow extra dwell time for our solution to break down the soil followed by CRB agitation and extraction. Overall, this was a great project! Thank you, Art!

Products Used: Prochem

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