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Residential Tile Cleaning and Sealing on Tower Ln. in Foster City

This job is a residential tile cleaning and sealing in Foster City, CA 94404 for a customer who found us via Google! We provided an estimate and a small sample cleaning to give an idea of the final result.

Our tile cleaning professionals found that the essential alkaline treatment did not yield satisfactory results. Therefore, we used our alkaline + acidic treatment for this tile cleaning:

  • Pre-Treatment
  • CRB Agitation
  • Truck-Mount Steam Extraction
  • Commercial Dry Grout
  • Sealer Application

The acidic treatment removes the smallest layer of grout, removing the embedded soil and revealing the new grout. We only use this treatment when the soil has “stained” the grout, and the alkaline treatment will not suffice.

Once cleaned, we placed commercial air-movers, completely drying the grout, followed by our sealer application. We’re thrilled with the results, especially in the kitchen area, where more traffic/grease is deposited.

  • Project Type: Tile Cleaning
  • Tile Sealing
  • Location: Tower Ln. in Foster City, CA
Products Used: Stone Pro


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