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Residential Tile Cleaning and Sealing in Hillsborough, CA

This job is a residential tile cleaning and sealing in Hillsborough, CA 94010 for a new customer who found us via Google. This tile was in decent condition, perfect for our standard cleaning process:

  1. Pre-Treatment
  2. CRB Agitation
  3. Truck-Mount Steam Extraction
  4. Dry Using Commercial Air-Movers
  5. Sealer Application

There were certain areas more soiled than others. We used Stone Pro’s tile cleaner for this cleaning, which yielded great results, as seen in the before/after picture.

Once cleaned, we placed our commercial air movers, ensuring the grout 100% dries before the sealer application. If the grout is still wet when applying the sealer, the sealer will not bond and will essentially be wasteful and non-effective.

Product Used: Stone Pro

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